Sunday, October 11, 2009

Adding dimension to paper

I recently thought to try something in PS and I really liked the results.  I added dimension to the paper I was designing by adding a distorted Gradient Fill layer. 

I haven’t really provided any tutorials here before but I figured there was no time like the present to start sharing.

Take your paper from this:

To this:

Or this:

Start with a blank canvas and fill it with the color of your choice.

Open the overlay you want to use and add put it over your colored layer.

Go to the blending options of your overlay layer.

Change the blending mode of the overlay to your liking.  For this example, I simply changed the Blend Mode to Overlay.

Add additional overlay layers and adjust to your liking.

Add a Gradient Fill layer.

This is the window that will appear for the Gradient Fill.

Pick the style of gradient you want to use.  For this example, I selected Silver.

Change the Style to Reflected.

Change the Angle to your liking.  For this example, I changed it to 110 degrees.

At this point, you might want to remove any white from your gradient or make some color adjustments.  To adjust this just click on the gradient bar.Step10

The Gradient Editor will open.  Just click on the color stops and change the colors.  You can also add some additional stops and colors in here too.

Once you have the Gradient Fill layer to your liking, Rasterize the layer.

From the menu bar, select Distort and then Wave.

The Wave window will open.  From here you will adjust the settings to get the wave effect that your want. 

This is the settings I have for this example:
Number of Generators: 10
Wavelength: Min. 575 Max. 999
Amplitude: Min. 70 Max. 500
Scale: Horiz. 74% Vert. 8%

Select Blending Options for the gradient fill layer.

Change the blend mode.  Step16

For this example I have chosen Linear Light and changed the opacity to 15% and I also adjusted the fill opacity to 75%.

This is what my example looks like with these settings:

This can look very different depending on what blending options you choose.  I decided to change the settings for this example.  The new settings are Blending Mode Overlay at 75% Opacity with the Fill Opacity staying at 75%.

That change dramatically changed the final result.

You can add as many overlay layers before or after you have added the gradient layer.  You could even start with a completed paper from any of your kits and get the same kind of results.  The key is to just play with the settings until you get the desired effect.

When using the paper for a layout you can add to the effect by also distorting your shadow layer.

I am, by far, no expert and there are probably other ways to achieve this effect but I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Photo Gifts made easy

If you are looking for some fantastic gifts that are really unique, you have got to check out  They are seriously my favorite new hangout.  I love going to their site and drooling over all the different photo gifts. 

On the serious side, this company is located in Hong Kong so it does take some patience to wait for your items to arrive but it is so worth the wait.  There are many different companies where you can order photo gifts but I really think Artscow has the biggest selection at a reasonable price.   They offer a lot of specials so you almost never have to pay full price.  If you don't have a discount available, there are lots posted in their forum shared by other members.

My first purchase with them was right after Christmas.  I used them to print photo books for gifts.  They turned out really well.  I have ordered other photo books from other companies and Artscow's quality was equal to or better than those other companies. 

If you like the look of digital scrapbooking but don't have the time it takes to use a graphic design type program, Artscow uses Silverlight for you to create your own digital pages and designs.  There are also lots of designers that offer their kits either for free or at a reasonable fee.  

I most recently received two orders.  One was for dog tag necklaces and the other was a purse.  They turned out really well.  I can't wait to show them off and get reactions from my friends.  Everyone is going to want one of their own.  If you like my designs I'd be happy to help design something unique for you.  Just send me an email at digidandydesigns @ (without the spaces) with a description of what you are looking for.  I can give you a quote for your creation.

Here are the pictures.  Don't mind the photo quality.  These were really hard to photograph.



Thursday, August 27, 2009

Designer Survivor Lots of Freebies

This is going to be a long post with lots of freebies.  Sadly, I was voted out of Designer Survivor last week.  I was really surprised I made it as long as I did but I was really sad to have to leave the game.  I do still get to vote for the wining survivor at the end and have been enjoying watching the game play out this week.  I did however enjoy having a much quieter week.  My family enjoyed spending a bit more time with me too.

I have already started to revamping some of my kits and eventually plan on making some of them into larger sized kits.  For now I thought I would give any of you a chance that didn't get them before a chance to pick up my freebies.  Below you will find the complete list of my entries and give you all the direct links to download them.  So, if you haven't already gotten them, now is your chance.  I don't know how long I will keep these freebies active so get them now while you can.

Week 1 Reward Challenge
Download Here - Individual
Download Here - Sheets

Week 1 Dr. Seuss Theme Kit
Download Here

Week 2 Reward Challenge
Download Here

Week 2 Camping Theme kit
Download Here - Elements
Download Here - Papers
Download Here - Alpha Sheets

Week 3 Reward Challenge
Download Here

Week 3 Mini kit using one color based on emotions
Download Here - Elements
Download Here - Papers

As a side note, these are all created with no CU products and they are all my own designs.  I'd really love to hear what you think of my entries and see anything you create with them.  Feel free to leave me a comment here and/or leave me a link to your pages.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Frames Frames and More Frames

Yes, I am back with another Freebie!  This weeks Designer Survivor Reward Challenge had us creating lots of frames.  Well, only one frame per person, but there's lots of frames to be had.  For a chance at immunity we each had to create a frame using at least one element from our previous two weeks kits and something new.  This was a lot harder than it sounds.  Week one we created a Dr. Seuss inspired kit and last week we created a camping kit.  Talk about different ends of the spectrum.  In the end I think they all came out great.  If you want to see them all head on over to the Brownie Scraps Gallery.  There are 16 great frames to grab.

Here's the fun part!  Yes, these frames are free but in return I am asking a favor from all of you.  Our team would really really really love to win immunity this week.  This would be huge for us.  Please go over to the Designer Survivor blog and vote for the Staples team.  Your vote does count and we would be forever grateful.  So what are you waiting for?  GO VOTE 

Here's the great set of frames The Staples team created for you:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vintage Fall Paper Freebie

Let's continue to freebie trend.  This week's Designer Survivor Reward Challenge had my new team creating a Vintage Fall Paper Pack.  I have never scrapped many vintage type pages so it was definitely a challenge to work on this paper pack.  Each member of our team created two solids and two patterned papers with a specific color.  I had a sort of rust color and the paper came out pretty well.  Here's what my part looks like:
And here is the team pack:

You can find the links to all the teams papers in the Brownie Scraps gallery.

If you don't mind taking just a moment of time to vote for this weeks winner, I would greatly appreciate it.  If you are so inclined, I would be forever in your debt if you would PRETTY PLEASE vote for the Ric Rac team Memories of Fall paper pack.  PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP!  Ok, enough of my shameless begging.  The voting will be up a little later at the Designer Survivor Blog.  So after you check out all of the lovely entries, please go vote for the Memories of Fall paper pack by the Ric Rac team at the Designer Survivor Blog.

I hope you enjoy your freebies.