Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Design a Bracelet

Digital scrapbook pages can be turned into a beautiful personalized Italian Charm Bracelet like this:


My friend Laura made these beautiful creations for me and my family. She is the owner of Craftygurlz.


Not only does she have these stunning creations available but many other fantastic gift ideas. Please check out www.craftygurlz.com and if you are interested in a personalized bracelet like these make sure you send me and email at digidandydesigns@gmail.com.

Current pricing is only $5 per page created for the Mega Italian Charms. (See www.craftygurlz.com for pricing of the Bracelet.) For eight (8) or more pages ordered you will receive a 25% discount when mentioning this site.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Gift Ideas

Grandma and Grandpa

Grandpa cover

Grandma and Grandpa would love to carry around pictures of their precious little grandchild. They can show off pictures to all of their friends. They will love bragging about the brand new addition in the family or showing off all the antic of the entire brood. Order the petitie 5" x 5" book or 3.5" x 3.5" .

Grandma and Grandpa would also appreciate the 8" x 8" or 12" x 12" size for showing off when they receive house guests.

Minimum order of 2 for the 5" x 5" size
Minimum order of 3 for the 3.5" x 3.5" size


Wedding cover

Save all of your dating photos in a fantastic love story, put together a book to announce your engagement or create a happily ever after story to capture the magic of your wedding memories. Don't forget to include the story of how you met and why you fell in love.

The 5" x 5" or 3.5" x 3.5" brag books make a spectacular invitation or wedding favor for your guests.

Minimum order of 2 for the 5" x 5" size
Minimum order of 3 for the 3.5" x 3.5" size

Birthday / Anniversary

Brthday cover

Are you celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary for a special friend or family? Will there be guest attending that would share a special story or picture that the guest of honor would enjoy? Have all of your guest submit photos and special memories and compile a lasting memory. Imagine the look on their face when you present this gift.

You can even give everyone who contributes and option to order their own book. If you request your book to be uploaded to VioVio, you can share the link for ordering with anyone.


Graduation cover

What better gift for a graduate than a treasure that includes memories of all those school years? Don't forget to include all those awkward pictures with missing teeth or crazy hair. Log all those trends that were followed, special friends and school activities. The receiver will have a lasting memory that can be shared for many years with children and grandchildren. You are creating a lasting treasure.


Memorial cover

One thing that is more precious than anything after the loss of a loved one is memories in your heart. Create an everlasting memory with photographs and stories you can treasure forever.

An option would be to include photos of items that were special to the person you are honoring. If they had a certain style of clothing, those items can be scanned to include as backdrops to pages.

It's never easy to lose someone you love but you can hold a piece of them as you page through your memories.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Sunny Designs

All Boy Page 1
All Boy Page 3 All Boy Page 5All Boy Page 7 All Boy Page 9 All Boy Page 11 All Boy Page 13 All Boy Page 15 All Boy Page 17 All Boy Page 21 All Boy Page 23 All Boy Page 26 All Boy Page 30 All Boy Page 38 All Boy Page 41

All Boy Page 2All Boy Page 4 All Boy Page 6All Boy Page 8 All Boy Page 10 All Boy Page 12 All Boy Page 14 All Boy Page 16 All Boy Page 20 All Boy Page 22 All Boy Page 24 All Boy Page 28 All Boy Page 33 All Boy Page 40 All Boy Page 42
Cheerful Designs

Big Girl Page 1 Big Girl Page 3 Big Girl Page 5 Big Girl Page 7 Big Girl Page 9 Big Girl Page 11 Big Girl Page 13 Big Girl Page 15 Big Girl Page 17 Big Girl Page 21 Big Girl Page 23 Big Girl Page 26 Big Girl Page 30 Big Girl Page 38 Big Girl Page 41

Big Girl Page 2 Big Girl Page 4 Big Girl Page 6 Big Girl Page 8 Big Girl Page 10 Big Girl Page 12 Big Girl Page 14 Big Girl Page 16 Big Girl Page 20 Big Girl Page 22 Big Girl Page 24 Big Girl Page 28 Big Girl Page 33 Big Girl Page 40 Big Girl Page 42
Lucky Designs

Sporty Page 1 Sporty Page 3 Sporty Page 5 Sporty Page 7 Sporty Page 9 Sporty Page 11 Sporty Page 13 Sporty Page 15 Sporty Page 17 Sporty Page 21 Sporty Page 23 Sporty Page 26 Sporty Page 30 Sporty Page 38 Sporty Page 41

Sporty Page 2 Sporty Page 4 Sporty Page 6 Sporty Page 8 Sporty Page 10 Sporty Page 12 Sporty Page 14 Sporty Page 16 Sporty Page 20 Sporty Page 22 Sporty Page 24 Sporty Page 28 Sporty Page 33 Sporty Page 40 Sporty Page 42
Giggle Designs

Primary Page 1 Primary Page 3 Primary Page 5 Primary Page 7 Primary Page 9 Primary Page 11 Primary Page 13 Primary Page 15 Primary Page 17 Primary Page 21 Primary Page 23 Primary Page 26 Primary Page 30 Primary Page 38 Primary Page 41

Primary Page 2 Primary Page 4 Primary Page 6 Primary Page 8 Primary Page 10 Primary Page 12 Primary Page 14 Primary Page 16 Primary Page 20 Primary Page 22 Primary Page 24 Primary Page 28 Primary Page 33 Primary Page 40 Primary Page 42
Candy Designs

Pretty Girl Page 1 Pretty Girl Page 3 Pretty Girl Page 5 Pretty Girl Page 7 Pretty Girl Page 9 Pretty Girl Page 11 Pretty Girl Page 13 Pretty Girl Page 15 Pretty Girl Page 17 Pretty Girl Page 21 Pretty Girl Page 23 Pretty Girl Page 26 Pretty Girl Page 30 Pretty Girl Page 38 Pretty Girl Page 41

Pretty Girl Page 2 Pretty Girl Page 4 Pretty Girl Page 6 Pretty Girl Page 8 Pretty Girl Page 10 Pretty Girl Page 12 Pretty Girl Page 14 Pretty Girl Page 16 Pretty Girl Page 20 Pretty Girl Page 22 Pretty Girl Page 24 Pretty Girl Page 28 Pretty Girl Page 33 Pretty Girl Page 40 Pretty Girl Page 42
Joyful Designs

Big Boys Page 1 Big Boys Page 3 Big Boys Page 5 Big Boys Page 7Big Boys Page 9 Big Boys Page 11 Big Boys Page 13 Big Boys Page 15 Big Boys Page 17 Big Boys Page 21 Big Boys Page 23 Big Boys Page 26 Big Boys Page 30 Big Boys Page 38 Big Boys Page 41

Big Boys Page 2 Big Boys Page 4 Big Boys Page 6 Big Boys Page 8 Big Boys Page 10 Big Boys Page 12 Big Boys Page 14 Big Boys Page 16 Big Boys Page 20 Big Boys Page 22 Big Boys Page 24 Big Boys Page 28 Big Boys Page 33 Big Boys Page 40 Big Boys Page 42