Friday, July 25, 2008

Birthdays and flowers

I have come to the realization that I have so many photos that need to be digi scrapped. When I am participating in a challenge I am getting a great opportunity. I get the chance to go through some older photos and get the inspiration to scrap them. I just have to be careful that I don't re-scrap the same photos. Yesterday I was inspired to do a LO for one of my girls birthday and another page to showcase one of my favorite photos from when we visited the botanical garden last year.

Here's is Ali's 2nd birthday:


Star overlay by Kimberly Cameron, String, Stitches, tags and gummy bear frame by Gunhild & Svenning and buttons by I Love Yesenia.

Here is the botanical garden:


This was a simple design so there isn't much to share as far as resources. I am trying to figure out where the hearts came from. These are valentine brushes that I have but I must have misfiled them since I can't find the source. If you know where these came from please let me know. The flower is from Moo Two Designs and the eyelets are from Memories Made Easy.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Feasting with the Beasties

One of the best things about scrapbooking is getting the chance to go back and relive some of your favorite memories. Today I am revisiting a special day that I spent with Ali. We went to a local botanical garden and spent an afternoon. There were these "Beastie" characters all over the gardens and a few fun activities just for kids. These are two of my favorite photos of the day. This welcoming path and this beautiful girl feasting on a cookie she decorated herself.


This was a brag book template challenge for Color Line Design. Papers are PS patterns by Obsidian Dawn. The tree and grass have a paper overlay by The Scrappin Cop, the brogs are by Memories Made Easy and the Bow and Ring embellishment are by Carolina Girl Scrap Creations.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Emerson's birthday

My nephew Emerson is almost 3 years old. I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. I love being present for the birth of a baby. There is something just so special about welcoming a new baby. Today I decided to use Kellie Puddy's template challenge at Color Line Design to create a LO about this special day.


The journaling says: It was a beautiful warm day. Mom, Dad, Big Brothers, Grandma and Auntie Kathi were all excited to meet you. The doctors thought you were going to be a big baby so they were all ready to bring you into the world by c- section. We all settled into our places. Mom got ready for surgery. Dad got into his scrubs. Grandma, Delano, Elijah and Auntie Kathi all settled into the waiting room. We were overwhelmed with joy when Dad came in to tell us that you were here. A few minutes later they brought you into a room for us to watch you get cleaned up and all your little tests done. Your brothers looked on in amazement. Elijah had told us earlier that he didn’t want a brother but when he saw you he didn’t want to leave your side for even a minute. Delano was soon distracted by a game book he had. Grandma and Auntie Kathi took your proud new brothers for a walk by the fountain across the street. This gave you r Mommy and Daddy some time to get to know you all by themselves. Your brothers were so happy to think of all the things they were going to do with you. When we returned we all spent some time watching your every cute little move. Yes, in the end it was a perfect beautiful warm day.

The background is a pattern by The Scrappin Cop with a Retro overlay by Creative Dreams, another overlay by Sonia Harvy (Saab) and scroll embellishment by Memories Made Easy.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Brag book challenge

Can I say it again? I am really lovin' all of the challenges I am finding. Rose McDigital posted a brag book challenge and of course I had to give it a try. I haven't done brag book pages before and wondered how difficult it would be to feature one or two small photos. I have generally only done 12 x 12 pages.

Saturday night my niece was over and she saw the design I was working on and I had to make one for her and for my two girls. I guess I like the brag book pages because I can print them as a 4 x 6 photo too. We ended up printing these and taking them to Grandma. Grandma fell in love.


Overlay by Scrap Kitten, Wings are a brush by Obsidian Dawn with a glitter pattern by Creative Dreams, Flower Embellishment by Cindy Doerksen and charm frame by Angie's Asylum.


Overlay by Scrap Kitten with a pattern overlay by The Scrappin Cop, Wings are a brush by Obsidian Dawn with a glitter pattern by Creative Dreams, Crochet flowers by Digi Scrap by Coco, Bow by Cindy Doerksen, charm frame by Angie's Asylum and stitching by Imanitas Designs.


Overlay by Scrap Kitten with a pattern overlay by The Scrappin Cop, Wings are a brush by Obsidian Dawn with a glitter pattern by Creative Dreams, button by I Love Yesenia, charm frame by Angie's Asylum and ribbons that I created.