Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Wish - the kit

If you remember my Stepping out of the comfort zone post, then you'll remember my I Wish page.  It was inspired by some beautiful bedding that I saw.  I created a page for a challenge over at Color Line Design.  I have decided to turn that page into a small kit and give it to you.  Yes, another FREEBIE.  I actually have a few freebies in the works.  I will be posting a freebie for you at least once a week. 


Next to the colors, my favorite thing in this kit are the flower stickers.  I created these using a brand new action from Mega-Doodle Inspired.  You can pick up the action to make your own flowers at Scrappin Freestyle or My Scrap Shop or go to the Mega-Doodle Inspired blog to see where else you can pick it up.  You can adjust the setting on your sticker too so you can create stickers any way you like them.  You really have to give this action a try.


Also, the I Wish Kit has a gorgeous color combination with beige, brown, a light cranberry and a light blue.  These colors can be mixed and match to make this kit very versatile.  I hope you have as much creating your layouts with this kit as I did making it.


Here's the kit:



You can download it here: