Saturday, November 29, 2008

Keep on Rollin'

I absolutely love the weekends. I especially love long weekends like this. I can spend hours getting lost creating different layouts. This weekend I have been catching up on some challenges I have been meaning to do. I am really on a roll. Rather than show you too many pages at once I figured I would show you what I have created so far. All but one of these pages was created in the last few days.


This was for a Make it Snappy Challenge at Scrap Orchard.

Sweet Shoppe Designs and Scrap Orchard Collab Sweet Orchard
Photo Clips and frame from Scrap Orchard November Mega
I put my own spin on a template freebie by Mrs.Wresh


This was for a Template Challenge at color line design.

Kit used - Two Turtle Doves by Ziggle Designs


This was for a Fruit Salad Challenge at Scrap Orchard.

Stitches from the Scrap Orchard and Sweet Shoppe Designs Collab Sweet Orchard
Template - Photos Gazeuse - Designs by Sine
Everything else is from the December Scrap Orchard Mystery Mega


This was for an Element Challenge at Scrap Orchard.

Scrap Orchard December Mystery Mega


This was for a Scrap That Tune Challenge at Scrap Orchard.

Template - So Stacked - Designs by Sine
Efflorescence by Ziggle Designs


This was for an Inspiration Challenge at Scrap Orchard.

Pineapple Plantations Inspiration Challenge #3 Free"bee"

Journaling: Since Mommy has off every Friday, this has become Mommy and Ali’s special days together. We try to do something extra special for Ali since she is away from her sister all day. We go shopping, other times we play games and sometimes we go for a walk and explore our neighborhood. No matter what we do it’s special because it’s time for us to be together.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Photo Swap Thank you's

Some new challenges have been popping up and they are super fun. In these challenges you swap photos with another digiscrapper and you scrap a page with their photo(s). I participated in two of these swaps this month and had some fabulous pages created for me.

At Scrap Orchard it is called a RAK Challenge. In this swap you post your photo for someone to grab. It ended up that me at Charmaine (charmedeebob) grabbed each others photos.

Here's the beautiful page she created for me:


You can click on the photo for credits. This is one of my favorite Christmas photos and I just couldn't find a way to do it justice. I absolutely love what Charmaine did with it.

In turn, here is the page I created for her:


Her son Casey is just the most handsome little boy. Aren't you just drawn into those gorgeous eyes?


Ziggle Designs - Feisty Kit
Ziggle Designs - Tag Alpha
Template by ChrissyW

At color line design we were paired up with the person we would swap photos with. Petra (Sugar 'n Spice) and I swapped photos of our little girls. I gave her a lot of photos so she would have lots of choices. She ended up scrapping three pages and used all of my photos!

Aren't these pages gorgeous:




You can also click on these photos to get the credits. Petra also has a beautiful blog where you can check out all of her beautiful pages and get lots of scrapping inspiration.

In turn, here is the page I scrapped of her beautiful little girl.


I couldn't help but make a play on Petra's user name-Sugar 'n Spice.
Sweet Shoppe Designs and Scrap Orchard - Sweet Orchard Collab Kit.
Template by ChrissyW

So here is a great big THANK YOU! You ladies did a great job and I had a ton of fun participating in these swaps.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lots to Share - Part 2

As you can probably tell by a lot of my previous posts, I get a lot of my scrapping done by participating in challenges.  I have a few favorite sites to visit for challenges.  Once in a while I will find a challenge posted by a different site and I soon become hooked.  Within the last few months I stumbled upon the Scrap Orchard site.  I was hooked almost immediately.  The members there are fabulous, the products in the store are amazing and they have some of the best challenges around.  You might even see that a lot of my recent pages are made with designs by many of the fabulous designers at Scrap Orchard.  I really found a place I love and I visit there quite often.  If you haven't visited the Orchard lately you really should check it out.


Here are a few pages from recent challenges.



This was for a Scrap Orchard Bring It Challenge.

Kit used - Topsy Curvy by Ziggle Designs
Photo mask by Gunhild
Miracles happen when you least expect them. That’s what happened the day you came to live with us. Our story is not that of a typical family. We knew the day may come that you needed a place to live but I don’t think we ever really expected it. We had no children and suddenly we had Ali who was one and a half and Jazmine who was two and a half. We didn’t have anything in our home for a child let alone for two active toddlers. We had a room for you and a big bed for you to share. Eventually we got all the other things you needed. Some people gave us clothes. Others gave us toys and books. Even though this was supposed to be temporary, you started to take over our home. By the time we knew this would be permanent, this was your home too and not just a place for you to live. You now have more toys than a lot of little girls, more books than you will ever be able to read and lots of clothes to keep you warm. We can’t imagine you not being our family and we are happy that you call us Mommy and Daddy. You will always know your “story” and what makes our family so special. You will always have a home, we will love you forever and ever and we will be your Mommy and Daddy as long as you will let us.



This was for a Scrap Orchard Scrap That Tune Challenge.

Kit Used Ziggle Designs Reindeer Games
This cold cold Saturday morning in November, we went to the annual Milwaukee Holiday parade. This was the first time Summer and Sierra had been to the parade but we have been every year. Jazmine and Ali didn't remember ever going before. I think they were pretty excited. We had to park about 5 blocks away and walk to our spot. Did I mention that it was very cold? After we found our spot we settled in and got ready for the parade to start. Ali had a great time and enjoyed everything. Jazmine spent the entire time crying because she was cold. We ended up back at the car while everyone else enjoyed the rest and waited to see Santa Claus. Next year we will be better prepared for the cold and we will all get to see Santa Claus. 11/22/08



This was for a Scrap Orchard Scraplift Challenge.

Kit Used - Scrap Orchard and Sweet Shoppe Designs Sweet Orchard Collab Kit
Buscia came to visit us for the first time. We loved spending time with her and she really spoiled us. She took us shopping, bought us fancy new clothes and took us out to dinner. We can’t wait to get to see her again. Maybe next time we can go to California to see her.



This was for a Scrap Orchard Font Challenge.

Reindeer Games kit by Ziggle Designs



This was for a Scrap Orchard Apple Cart Challenge and a color line design Font Challenge.

Just So Mini Kit by Irene Alexeeva
Template by ChrissyW



This was for a Scrap Orchard Scrap That Tune Challenge.


Free"bee" kit by Irene Alexeeva
Template by ChrissyW



This was for a Scrap Orchard Apple Cart Challenge.


Chocolate Swirl Free'Bee by Polka Dot Plum
Journaling: We may not be a traditional family but we are still a loving family. Our many pieces make us unique. Someday these little girls will know how much it takes to make this family work. Until then, we will continue to love them as our very own.



This was for a Scrap Orchard Bring It Challenge.

Alpha - Free"bee" by Ziggle Designs
Papers and elements - Free"bee" by Polka Dot Plum

Lots to Share - Part 1

I have been neglecting this blog for too long.  I have had some projects going on that have taken quite a bit of my time.  When I wasn't working on that project I was creating layouts.  I really need to get into a habit of sharing my layouts here as soon as I have them finished.  Plus I want to start putting up some freebies that I have been promising for too long. 


I decided to do this post in 2 parts because I have way too many layouts to share.   I hope you like them and I would definitely appreciate any comments you leave.  Some of these are pages I made within the last few months.  It seems that I may have missed a few in the past.  If I duplicate any, please forgive me.



Template by ChrissyW Sample Pack Two
Kit used - Collab by ChrissyW and Angie Kovacs



Template by ChrissyW
All papers and elements from Lauraskathi from the following kits - Atalami, Gabriella and Sabrina



This was for a Speed Scrap at Get Digi With It

Template by ChrissyW
Kit used - Lakehouse from Collab by ChrissyW and Angie Kovacs



This was for a Speed Scrap at Get Digi With It

Variation of a template by ChrissyW from sample pack two
Paper and Elements from Angie Kovacs Playtime kit



This was for a template challenge by ChrissyW.

Template by ChrissyW
Kit used - August Collab from Color Line Design



This was for a font challenge at color line design.

Metal Clips by Franette
All other items created with commercial use items by the following:
Overlay and Stitches by Gunhild
Custom Shapes by Obsidian Dawn
Folded Ribbon by The Scrappin Cop
As soon as Ali saw this costume she really wanted to be a doctor for Halloween. The costume came with a name tag and I had a feeling that she already knew what she wanted her name to be. For the last few weeks she has had this little nickname that she has been calling all of us. “Pumpkin Mumpkin” When she was asked what kind of doctor she was she said that she was a doctor that helps babies. She said she helps them keep all their blood in. I think she really picked this costume just so she could play doctor at home with her dolls.



This was for a font challenge at color line design.

Template by ChrissyW from the ChrissyW and Angie Kovacs Collab.
Paper and Elements by Lauraskathi Julia Kit
Jazmine wanted to be a witch for Halloween and I think she pulled it off pretty well. When she put on her costume she had this cute pouty face which really worked for this costume. We told her how good she looked when she wasn’t smiling so for the longest time she wouldn’t smile. It was so not like her so we kept thinking there was something wrong with her. After we figured out that she was playing with us she got a good laugh. As you can see, by the time she started trick-or-treating she was back to her “normal” self. This picture is a pretty good shot of how she looked the rest of the time. She was flying around the neighborhood.



This was for a Paper 2 Digi Challenge at Get Digi With It and a Word Art Wednesday Challenge at Scrap Orchard.

All Worn Out overlays by Penny Springmann
Crumpled Paper overlay by Cindy Doerksen Designs
Folded Paper overlay by The Scrappin Cop
Word Art by Elegant WordArt by Bethany
Papers and Elements from Add on au Kit Cherish for love by Franette



This was for a Template Challenge at Scrap Orchard and a Title Works Challenge at color line design.

Summer Lovin' Collaboration kit by Pineapple Plantation and ellie lash designs
Template by Designs by Sine
Paperhearts Alpha by Pineapple Plantation



This was for an Artist Challenge at color line design and a Word Art Wednesday Challenge at Scrap Orchard.

Kit used - Welcome to the Orchard by Pineapple Plantation Designs and Irene Alexeeva
Word Art - Elegant WordArt by Bethany

Frame - Feisty Kit by Ziggle Designs