Monday, July 14, 2008

Blog Challenges to help me scrap

Not too long ago I discovered an awesome template designer. She is at Rose McDigital and she sells in a number of different stores. I purchased one of her mega packs and have started designing using some of her templates. I also searched for her blog to be able to stay up to date on her designs. Well, she just came out with a new Mega Template pack and posted a contest with a Freebie template she posted. I had to give it a try. Be sure to check out her blog for yourself. I am sure you will be pleased with her work.

I used this as an opportunity to help me continue scrapping my girls books. Photoshop was giving me some trouble so I actually started this layout twice. I am very happy with the final design.


This is a photo of Jazmine who is now 5. She is being rocked by her Great-Grandma. At the time this was a photo of the oldest and youngest member of our family. I can even hear her singing Rock-a-bye Baby. Sadly Grandma passed away less than a year after this photo was taken. It is the only memory Jazmine will have to carry with her. I miss her very much and wish Jazmine would have had the chance to get to know her like I did.

This layout uses patterns by The Scrappin Cop, bow by Rachael's Scraps, cut out action by Atomic Cupcake and some ribbons that I created.

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Rose said...

This LO is spectacular. Thank you so much for supporting me and participating in the challenge. The winner will be announced on my blog tomorrow!