Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm baaaaccck

So, I am a little overdue with an update.  I have had so much going on and it's taken me a while to get myself organized.  Things have been exciting to say the least.  I have lots of re-organizing to do and then I will be back to post some more layouts and some long awaited freebies.


What's been going on?  Well, as of November I was doing product testing for Mega-Doodle Inspired.  I had just been asked to be a December guest for Designs by Sine at Scrap Orchard and I was starting to do some product testing for Bannerwoman Designs.  There were a few people who were encouraging me to apply for some other creative teams and I was watching a few other calls in the digi-world.  As of this month, my workload has increased significantly.


I am still doing product testing for Mega-Doodle Inspired and Bannerwoman Designs.  In addition to that, Sine of Designs by Sine asked me to stay on her creative team permanently.  I also joined the Elemental Scraps team doing product QA, I became a color line design Color Babe and I became a Scrap Orchard Love Bug.  Besides all that, I joined the Amazing Digi Scrap Race 4 and I have a few books to work on for customers.


It's all been a whirlwind but it's been fun.  I have finally gotten myself into a little rhythm and I think I can fit in posting here again.  I have a ton of layouts to share but rather than post a ton at once I will just do a few a day. 

I hope I didn't lose too many of you.  I will be back within the next few days with a freebie.  Thanks for visiting!

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