Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another favorite store

A digiscrapper could go broke buying all of the fabulous designs that are constantly put up for sale.  I don't know how people do it.  I have been lucky enough to be able to test some awesome new products at Elemental Scraps.  If you are looking to find a way to spend a few more dollars (snicker) go check out some of these products at Elemental Scraps.


These are just a few of the great products available and if you look closely you will see that a few of them are freebies.


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And, here are some of the great layouts I created with those items listed above.



Alpha from the Garden Charm kit by Pamela Donnis at Elemental Scraps
All other elements and papers from the WaterLO Project Behind the Desk kit.



Template - ChrissyW 's Template Challenge 12
Kit - Leah Riordan's Great Expectations at Elemental Scraps



Template - Template Freebie 8 - ChrissyW at Elemental Scraps
Kit - January Scrap Orchard Mystery Mega


Jazmine and Ali love playing in their bedroom with their Disney Princess and Dora dominos and brand new walkie talkies is a    great way to start the day. They don't really play the dominos game but instead they sort, stack and build with the dominos. This was also a PJ day. Since we would be home all day, we stayed in our PJ’s. Jazmine is also wearing a Cinderella costume and a new bathrobe that she got yesterday. Mommy wears her bathrobe a lot of the time at home because she’s always cold. When these robes were spotted we knew that Jazmine and Ali would fall in love with them.  Jazmine didn’t stop wearing hers since she got it.



Kit - Playtime - Angie Kovacs at Elemental Scraps


Who would have thought that a grilled cheese sandwich would be someone’s legacy? I often make grilled cheese sandwiches for my girls and each time I think of Auntie Barb. I remember her often making me my favorite grilled cheese sandwiches. Anytime I would visit their house she would ask me what I wanted for lunch and the answer was always the same. She made the sandwiches on her giant electric stove. One of my favorite memories was a time when I told her she made the BEST grilled cheese sandwiches and she proceeded to burn my sandwich really badly. We laughed so hard over that one. Now that she is gone I hope she knew how very much those sandwiches were appreciated. She made everyone with love because she loved me so much. She meant the world to me and I miss her very much. I will continue to make my girls grilled cheese sandwiches and each one is filled with love from me and Auntie Barb.



Kit - Cuddle Time by Angie Kovacs at Elemental Scraps
Fabric Piece by Gunhild



Template - Template Freebie 10 - ChrissyW at Elemental Scraps
Kit - Lakehouse - Collab by Angie and ChrissyW at Elemental Scraps


We adopted Nellie from a pure bred rescue about 4 years ago.  I remember seeing her listed on their website for a long time.  I was kind of a stalker to their website.  I would check in almost daily to see what pretty kitties they got in.  I felt bad for Nellie.  She was there for so long that I started feeling really bad for her.  She definitely wasn't the prettiest kitty in the bunch but she still deserved a loving home.  She had some eye problems and an unknown history.  I told my husband about her and we decided to go visit her and see if she would be a good addition to our home.  Her foster mom told us over the phone to not expect much.  She said she that our first reaction will probably be that she is pretty ugly but she said that she is so ugly that she is kind of cute.  When we got to see her she was very skittish.  She was kind of ugly but there was something really adorable about her too.  She didn't like to be held and stayed away from the other kitties in her foster home.  After some deliberation we decided to take her home.  Her eye problems might have required for her to have future surgery but we were willing to take on the risk.  She was definitely not a lap cat and she didn't like to be picked up or held.  We kept the name that the rescue had given her.  Nellie seemed fitting because she was so nervous all the time.  Well, here we are so many years later and she is almost not like the same cat.  Her eye problems seemed to mostly stem from her nervousness.  When she gets really nervous her eyes water like crazy.  She loves attention now.  She will even hop up onto my husbands lap and soak up any attention that he will give her.  Nellie was a great addition to our family.  Oh yeah, she doesn't look much like the same kitty we picked up all those years ago.

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