Saturday, September 13, 2008

Perfect pictures

The TNT challenge at Color Line Design was one I really wanted to do.  We were supposed to create a page using extractions.  An extraction is where you extract a part of your photo.  In this example I extracted the tree and Ali from two separate photos.  I had this tree that I extracted a long time ago.  I took that picture at the botanical garden back in July.   I knew the type of layout I wanted to do for a long time but until yesterday I didn't have the other picture to go with it.   I just happened to snap the perfect picture yesterday.




Glitter filled letters, frame and paper tear: Gunhild

Ribbon, leaves, heart, clip and journaling paper: Petite Silk kit by Le digiscrap de Shineangel
Background papers: Azurine kit by Passions Création Fraisinette

Journaling says: One very special thing about her is that Ali loves leaves and all kinds of nature. She picks up leaves where ever she goes. She calls them her lucky leaves. She will collect them and take them with her where ever she goes. I hope she never loses her love of all things nature.

I was a little stumped for the Title Works challenge at Color Line Design.  We were to create a page focusing on the word New.  I had no idea what to do for this one.  Well, that was until I received photos of a brand new addition to our family.  Then I knew exactly what to do.  I didn't solely use the word New but I made sure it was a larger part of the text.



Altered template: Rose McDigiscrap
Papers, ribbon and stitches: Raspberry Road Designs Preschool Play kit and Tatums Day kit
Rocking horse: Vivi's Designs
Diaper pin: created with a brush by
Obsidian DawnPacifier: Le blog de coco Happy Nursery kit

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