Monday, September 15, 2008

Salvaging a not so great picture

Do you have some pictures that have cute parts but aren't what you would normally present in a photo album?  All hope is not always lost with those kinds of photos.  I had this photo of Jazmine at the Zoo.  You can tell that she was looking at some sort of animal but it is not in the picture. 


I knew that I could find a way to make this work on a scrapbook page.  I extracted just the part I wanted to focus on.  In this case, I extracted Jazmine with the railing and a small piece of the rock.  Next was finding the right page to use this on. 


Color Line Design hosts a Stash Dash Challenge.  With that you are given a list of items that we keep meaning to use in our digi stash.  There is a list of 10 items and you must use at least 8 of the items.  This month's list included the following: Shiney Alpha, Acrylic Element, Card Board, Striped Paper, Circle Frame, Button, Picture of a Wild Animal, Leaf, Overlay and/or more than one picture.  I picked a zoo picture because I definitely had pictures there of wild animals.    Here's the page I created:



Our Day at the Milwaukee County Zoo.


Credits: Template by Gunhild, Striped background paper and card board element by Mega-Doodle Inspired, Circle Frame by Gloria ValVerde at Moo Two Designs, Buttons from the Azurine kit by Passions Création Fraisinette, Paper Tear by Cindy Doerksen Designs and Animal Print and Marbled overlay by The Scrappin Cop.


So, if you have a photo that isn't perfect but still has a beautiful subject you still want to share, see if there is a way to salvage it in a digital scrapbook page.

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